Manpower Recruitment

Manpower Recruitment

We give contractual and full time trained staffs for sales and distribution of products and services. We aim at Optimum use of resources where we can generate substantial business for clients.

Now days where hiring a staff is costly we bring model where we can provide quarterly, half yearly and Yearly packages.

We will make them imbibe the products and then recruit the candidates according to the caliber and performance.

We will make unique preposition for some clients to give combination of digital marketing with Tele sales depending on their requirement.

Training for corporate and staffing

Tele callers and sales staffs will be trained with Tele calling etiquettes and tips to get an appointment as we believe sales start from a call and it is the most imp tool for organization success.
With our wide experience in sales and marketing strategy we can generate more funneling and filtering of clients through rapid training programs and staff recruitment.
For those organizations who area facing the challenges in generating the sales we provide training platform for employees and also provide staffs.