BTL Activation & Outdoor Advertising

Out door Advertising Agencies

Adblink media is one of the top agencies in outdoor media working out the best possible options for clients .
We have in house canter/mobile vans, lookwalkers and a team of more then 2000 +skilled promoters that act as a catalyst in growing the clients branding and lead generation.

Below the Line Activity

It is the physical activity that can be used to develop brand awareness and lead generation with the help of trained man power resources
As the trends of ATL Advertising are lowering down with the emerge of “idea-oriented” start-ups, the shift towards BTL Advertising is getting weighted. The ‘Big Bang’ explosion of social media with cheaper ‘internet’ rates has made us dive deep into customer’s search behavior where D’Art places your brand with an effective strategy according to ‘that’ behavior. Observing the demographics, sexes, gender, and ages we integrate our strategies accordingly.
These tactics enable the clients’ to reach their targeted audience very precisely as the narrowed down approach marks the advertisement directly according to the search behavior. Though we understand that ATL Advertising is more ‘reach-ous’ but it’s more expensive and doesn’t have a narrowed approach towards targeting but BTL has. BTL Advertising takes benefits from the ‘Virtual World’ where people have shifted and are gradually adapting to the 5 inches rather than ‘Big Screens’. So, to hit the ‘Bulls-eye’ we prefer our clients’ to prefer BTL over ATL!

Canopy Activity Promotions
It can used to connect brands to customers by setting up canopies in different area like offices, stations, societies, inside malls, In shop promotion ( like retails stores like Dmart,Big bazaar ,pantaloon etc ),Events and exhibition ,Seminar, road shows ,sampling etc and communicating about the client product or services to customers with trained manpower staffs.

Multiplex promotion
Canopies can be installed in multiplexes and outside/inside shopping malls to communicate with target audience. We can also do on screen ads across pan India by guiding the capacity of theatres.
Now days where data is most imp aspect for any business we ensure transparency and confidentiality of data generated through campaigns.

Brand Activation
We can use Mobile Vans .Tricycle, look walkers, led light boxes, Auto rickshaw, Bus ads, etc for advertisement in targeted area across India.
Brand activation tool acts as a booster in getting a presence in desired geographic region.
A time limit 7- 8 hrs running for Mobile Vans and Tricycle is enough for covering the location.
We give the road map initially for areas to be covered every day so there is no ambiguity in the plan.
Look walkers are used for branding where our manpower carry it on shoulders and cover the area. It is mostly used for hammering the product or services .Time duration is 4 hrs in a day preferably in evening time.